Subject: ENGR

Course Number : 0012


Course Description:

Introduces students to basic topics in engineering, the role of the computer in engineering, structured problem-solving and report writing. The course includes material on the use of UNIX, HTML, spread sheets, and MATLAB. Data analysis and curve fitting is done in both MATLAB and Excel. The writing component includes four detailed reports and includes an oral presentation. The course goals are: to introduce the fundamentals of what engineering is, what engineers do, why a diverse work force is needed and what values come with working in a group environment; to introduce the required library research skills and communication skills used by all engineers; to introduce the role of the computer in engineering problem solving , including the basic analytical, programming design, graphical, and problem solving skills used by most engineers in their profession; and to provide an overview of how material in the basic sciences and mathematics is applied by engineers to solve practical problems of interest to society.

Credit Hours: 3 cr

GE: None       Non-Western  /Global 


Course Level: lower level