Women's Studies Minor

Program Contact: Jesse Blackburn, Program Director

 This minor is an interdisciplinary program that encourage students to critically examine the culture, politics, and history of women by exploring the economic and material conditions of women today; locating the role of women in historic and political movements; tracing and socio-politically contextualizing the trajectory of women’s rights; examining the role of women in culture, literature, and the arts; analyzing the relationship between women’s health and public policy; connecting women’s rights to social justice; applying academic theories to practical and applied experiences; and preparing students to live and work in ways which equalize the modern and future axes of gender, privilege, race, and sexuality.

Required courses: (students must earn a C- or better in all minor courses and a GPA of 2.0 in the minor is required)

Select two electives from the following (at least one must be upper-level):

Additional Information: