Subject: NUR

Course Number : 0112


Course Description:

This course builds on the skills, knowledge, theories and concepts gained in Fundamentals of Nursing and the natural and social sciences.  Comprehensive Nursing I applies the concepts of stress-adaptation, the nursing process and human needs to the care of clients across the lifespan (the pregnant female, newborn, adult, child and family).  Health assessment and fluid and electrolyte concepts are introduced as core theoretical componentsTheory and observations are integrated with the expectation that the student will utilize concepts of interpersonal relations and principles of communication in interactions with individuals who are experiencing physiologic and psychosocial stress associated with problems of fluid and electrolyte balance, diabetes, infection/immune, reproduction, and surgery.  Knowledge and observation of intraoperative care and of the adult medical-surgical client and pregnant female are incorporated as learning experiences.  Further, the student is introduced to the utilization of psychosocial principles in mental health nursing practice through theory, classroom and clinical conferences and clinical experiences.  The nurse’s roles as communicator and teacher in collaboration and consultation with other team members is emphasized.  Current professional issues are discussed throughout this course.

Credit Hours: 8 cr

GE: None       Non-Western  /Global 

Prerequisite:  NUR 0109, NUR 0111, BIO 0212, PSY 0101

Course Level: lower level