Subject: HIST

Course Number : 0202

Course Title:  World War I

Course Description:

The 1918 Armistice which ended World War I failed to give concrete victory to either side. The Treaty of Versailles not only failed to resolve the issues, but proceeded to compound the problem by adding new injustices to old ones. The "Twenty-Year Truce" between the wars is usually studied in an attempt to understand the rise of Hitler, Hitler's redress of the Versailles Treaty, and all that followed. It is imperative to understand the causes which enveloped the world in the First World War, the course of the war and all developments which led to that infamous treaty. This course will endeavor to expose all these issues for a better understanding of the First World War and all that followed.

Credit Hours: 3 cr

GE: History/Euro-American       Non-Western  /Global 

Prerequisite:  none

Course Level: lower level