Pre-Doctoral Clerkship Program

The Pre-Doctoral Clerkship Program is a project designed to build and expand the pre-doctoral clerkship and research experience in rural health within the Department of Family Medicine (DFM) at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine (UPSOM).  The program integrates current available curricular and clerkship experience with new collaborations with the Center for Rural Health Practice at Pitt-Bradford.  The goal is to provide a family medicine clerkship and rural health research program that expands and strengthens the training and resources available to future primary care trainees to rural Pennsylvania.

The DFM faculty are dedicated to teaching and caring for under served populations.  The intent is to expand medical student exposure to rural under served populations within southwestern and northwestern Pennsylvania.  Collaboration allows the University of Pittsburgh medical students to benefit from clinical and research experiences, resources, training and expertise in rural medicine, primary care medicine, and telemedicine.  The integrated program aims to provide clinical and research faculty with the resources necessary to work, teach, and mentor scholarly projects for medical students effectively in community and rural based settings.  It also addresses public health priorities and primary care based priorities, cultural competency, and provides a richer, more comparable experience for all medical students, regardless of preceptor site.  The program also provides greater opportunities and infrastructure for medical students to recognize the value and conduct primary care and rural health based research.  The objectives of the program are to: 

  1. Provide a more comparable medical student Family Medicine Clerkship experience, regardless of location or preceptor site, by providing preceptor faculty development, weekly didactic training via live distance learning that promotes patient-centered, medical home concepts, and web-based fmCASES modules.
  3. Expand the current Family Medicine Clerkship to include preceptors who practice in medically underserved areas within western Pennsylvania.
  5. Provide targeted curriculum for primary care and rural health practice in order to: 
    1. Emphasize teaching the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to practice primary care medicine in rural under served settings.
    2. Introduce telemedicine as a source of clinical intervention to medical students observing practices in rural under served settings.
  6. Provide the infrastructure and pilot funds for medical students to perform their scholarly project or summer research program in rural health with the Center for Rural Health Practice at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford.


           Rural Medicine, Public Health and Research 


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