How to Deal with Emergencies

General measures to take to ensure your safety: 

  • Be aware of evacuation notices in each building and know how to get out in case an evacuation becomes necessary. 
  • Know where the fire extinguishers are in your building.
  • If you see suspicious activity or anything out of the ordinary, please call Campus Police 814-368-3211. Your call will remain confidential & may help us deal with a potentially threatening situation before anyone is harmed.

Chemical emergency:

  • Go inside immediately
  • Close and lock all doors and windows
  • Shut off all ventilation systems so no air can be forced in or out
  • Go into a sealed room
  • Turn on the radio and tune into an emergency broadcast system.

How to secure your immediate area: 

  • Lock and barricade doors 
  • Turn off lights 
  • Close blinds/curtains 
  • Block windows 
  • Turn off radios and computer monitors 
  • Keep calm, quiet, and out of sight 
  • Take adequate cover, i.e. concrete walls, thick desks, filing cabinets 
  • Put cell phones on vibrate 

Contact Authorities:

  • Police emergency 10333 (only available from an on-campus phone) or 814-368-3211 
  • Program emergency number into cell phone, speed dial #9 
  • Follow directions of law enforcement authorities 

What to Report:

  • Say “Emergency” and report your specific building and room number 
  • Report what is occurring, including the assailant’s location, number of suspects race/gender, physical features, clothing description, types of weapon(s), assailants identity (if known) 
  • Report number of injured if known, types of injuries 

Remain in Safe Location: 

  • Consider the risks before leaving a secure room 
  • Remember that the threat may be in the vicinity 
  • Attempts to rescue persons should only be attempted if it can be accomplished without endangering others if doubt exists for the safety of the individuals inside the room, remain inside until advised that the area is clear. 

Police Response:

  • Remember that police will act first to neutralize the threat 
  • Police will then evacuate victims and tend to the injured 
  • Police will conduct investigation and assure that counseling is made available.