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Planning and Budgeting Committee

    The Planning and Budgeting Committee (PBC) is a committee comprised of faculty, staff, and students that meets regularly to consider and make recommendations about a wide variety of initiatives, as part of the Strategic Planning process.

    The current membership (2013-2014 Academic Year) includes:

    Dr. Steven Hardin, Vice-President and Dean of Academic Affairs (Chair)

    James Baldwin, Registrar and Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs

    Jill Ballard, Director of Institutional Advancement

    Pat Frantz Cercone, Executive Director of Communications and Marketing

    Richard Esch, Vice President for Business Affairs

    Dr. James Evans, Vice-President and Dean of Student Affairs

    Don Lewicki, Director - CTM

    Dr. Yong-Zhuo Chen, Chair- Division of Physical and Computational Sciences

    Dr. Mary Mulcahy, Chair - Division of Biological and Health Sciences

    Dr. Richard Melka, President - Faculty Senate

    Dr. Warren Fass, Vice-President - Faculty Senate

    Tonya Ackley, President - Staff Association

    Patrick Daniel, President Elect - Staff Association

    Yara Elbeshbishi, President - Student Government Association

    Love Lee, Vice-President - Student Government Association

    Non-voting member (support)
    Mr. Steve Williams, Senior Accountant, Business Affairs 

    Non-voting member (ex officio)
    Dr. Tracee Howell, Executive Associate to the President

    Administrative support (non-voting)
    Ms. Julie Dykstra, Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs

    PBC Minutes

    PBC Timeline