SIM Information

  • Science in Motion is a partnership between our campus, the Pennsylvania Department of Education, and area high schools and middle schools. The goal of the partnership is to bring high quality, state-of-the-art science equipment into the schools to enhance existing programs and ultimately the science knowledge of the students. In keeping that goal, Science In Motion asked teachers what equipment would help them teach their students and has used this list to guide its purchases. SIM travels around the Intermediate 9 and Warren County, bringing innovative and exciting labs to the schools. Our focus is biology and chemistry education. 

    We appreciate and continue to seek additional support for this important program. Please feel free to contact our director at JLB20@PITT.EDU The Program

    The Pennsylvania Basic Education/Higher Education Science and Technology Partnership is a consortium of twelve college and universities providing science outreach programs to over 200 school districts in the Commonwealth. These programs are known to teachers and students as Science In Motion at eleven of the locations and as Advancing Science at Gettysburg College. The Pennsylvania Basic Education/Higher Education Science and Technology Partnership is funded by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to provide inquiry-based, state-of-the-art science instruction to chemistry and biology students. Students learn science best by DOING science!

    Science In Motion and Advancing Science promote good science education by providing:
    •   Advanced equipment and supplies delivered to the classroom
    •   Content-specific professional development for teachers
    •   Mobile educator support in the classroom

    The Process

    The first step is for teachers to attend a workshop sponsored by Science in Motion. Once the teachers have been trained on the equipment, they are free to contact the mobile educator to schedule a visit. In the meantime, the mobile educator, lab technician, and lab assistants will have been busy preparing a variety of lab activities that are designed to complement and enhance the biology and chemistry curricula in area classrooms. Once the lab has been scheduled, the lab assistants load the van with the needed equipment. The mobile educator travels to the school, unloads the van, sets up the students' workstations, and gives an overview of the lesson. The mobile educator then co-supervises the students along with the classroom teacher while they perform the experiment. At the end of the day, the mobile educator reloads the van, travels back to Pitt-Bradford where the lab assistants unload and prep for the following day. Some teachers feel so comfortable with the equipment once they have gone through the workshop that they ask only to borrow an instrument. In that case, the mobile educator simply drops off the equipment and picks it up the next day or at a later date.  

    Helping Teachers

    •         By offering mini workshops throughout the school year, area teachers are introduced to the equipment and available labs.

    •         Each summer, Science in Motion conducts a week long workshop and provides stipends to teachers who attend.

    •         All labs presented to the teachers and also the students are connected to the Pennsylvania standards for Biology and Chemistry.