Scholarships Make a Difference

  • “The path to get where I am today has not been easy and will continue to become more difficult as I progress in my education. No matter the difficulty, the path will always be easier when help is given. Your generosity is much appreciated and will help relieve the financial strain that pursuing an education has placed upon me. I hope that someday I will be able to contribute to others that wish to improve themselves and the world around them the way you have helped me.”
    -              Seth Habicht, sophomore, Chemistry

    “I want to reiterate my deep gratitude for your generosity in supporting this institution and the students like myself who pursue their goals and dreams here. Thank you for contributing to our future both through your generous donation and the encouragement and confidence innately contained therein.”
    -              Bethany Mealy, senior, Early Level Education (Pre K-4)

    “As I venture out to start looking at graduate school, I will be looking for the same atmosphere I have had the joy of experiencing at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. Pitt-Bradford and its students are very fortunate to have the number of interested alumni and other donors who keep the hopes of future scholars alive through scholarship opportunities such as yours, and I am honored that you have provided funds for my college education, and that you think I am worthy of your generosity.”
    -              Heidi Reese, junior, Sports Medicine

    “I am very grateful for the opportunities and experiences that I have been given by the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. Once again, I would like to thank you for your donation to the school and the scholarship. You are helping me achieve my dream, discover the world, and advance myself for a great future. I hope that one day I can help others achieve their dreams, like you are helping me.”
    -              Bradley Miner, junior, Psychology 

    I finally know my success isn't about me at all. It’s about understanding my place in life and how my efforts contribute to the benefit of others. At one time I thought to be successful I had to change the world. I still believe that to be true, it’s just that now I see it doesn't have to be the WHOLE world. You understand that, as evidenced by your gifts to UPB. There are so many places you could have given, but you chose UPB, and your gift has helped change my life.”
    -              Maria Olsen, senior, Sociology