Residence Life


What's New in Residence Life & Housing

  • Housing Inspections are the week of Sept. 30 - Oct. 3
  • Tuesday: Whitman, Hurston, Dickinson & Hemingway
  • Wednesday: Melville, Eliot, Stein & Rice
  • Thursday: Cather, Fitzgerald, Reed-Coit & Dorn
  • Friday: Baldwin, Faulkner & Fes
  • Remember:
    • No candles
    • No pets
    • Empty all trash & recycling
    • Vacuum all carpets
    • Clean bathrooms (toilets & showers)
    • All furniture should be back inside your room
    • Alcohol Limits (for those 21 and older):
      • 12 beers, or
      • 750 ml of alcohol (no handles), or
      • 750 of wine (no box wine), or
      • 6 wine coolers

In our apartment-style residence halls, you'll have:

  • Fully furnished, carpeted (no need for area rugs), spacious living rooms
  • Curtains
  • Kitchenettes with microwaves
  • Kitchen refrigerator
  • Shower curtains  
  • Bathroom trash cans & trash bags
  • Recycling container (no-sort weekly recycling at your apartment door)
  • Toilet paper
  • Light bulbs
  • Vacuum cleaner (you check out from your RA)
  • Central fire alarm systems
  • Full wiring for cable TV (with 100+ channels)
  • Direct line and wireless computer network access to Pitt's web-based network
  • Plenty of storage space in your apartment for your bike, skis and luggage
  • No worries about big deposits and unpredictable bills for heating, telephone, gas and electricity, cable TV, etc.
  • Easy access to the library, computer labs, the sports center, great campus activities and events, and all your friends
  • Educational and social programming, including late-night events on the weekends


Resident Advisors

To help you ease into college life, we employ specially trained students as Resident Advisors. These RAs, who are upper-class students, will assist you with your transition to college, welcome back returning students, provide educational programming, and be your "point-of-contact" for any issues in Residence Life. Your RA lives in your section and has all the supplies you will need for your apartment (trash bags, light bulbs, toilet paper, vacuum, etc.).

We also provide:

  • Residence Hall Linens Program You can purchase linens that fit our (36X80) beds and other supplies.
  • USA Today, The New York Times and The Bradford Era newspapers through the Newspaper Readership Program to help you stay informed.
  • RESNET - the university's computer network including wireless in all halls
  • Travel & transportation information to help you get around locally and make your trips home


Other resources