International Studies Minor

Program Contact: Kristin Asinger

With the world rapidly "shrinking" because of the development of new technologies, an interdisciplinary minor in international studies makes sense regardless of your major. A minor in international studies will prepare you to work and live in the global community, whether you ultimately live in a small town in a rural area or a more cosmopolitan city.

If you minor in international studies, you will have relatively few requirements to complete and a wide variety of courses from which to choose. For obvious reasons, the minor involves at least three terms of a world language and study abroad. Additional scholarship are available to help you afford studying abroad.

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Course Requirements in the Minor

Total Credits for Minor: 18

International Studies Electives

Arts and Letters

History and Cultures

Politics and Economics

Management and Education

Additional Information:

Study abroad (either in one of the many immersion programs or a Semester at Sea program) is a requirement of this minor.