International Students

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    We welcome students from all over the world to our campus because we know it's important to have a diverse student population. Having students from many different countries, backgrounds and experiences makes the entire educational experience richer and more meaningful for everyone.

    Learn about Pitt-Bradford in Portuguese: ( Português) or Spanish: ( Español) or Arabic: ( العربية)

    At Pitt-Bradford, you will:

    • Choose from more than 40 majors, including business management to biology, Mathematics, Pre-Medicine and Petroleum Technology
    • enjoy smaller classes, so you’ll get personalized attention
    • Get to know your professors, who will be your teachers and your mentors
    • many resources available if you need extra help with your academic
    • Be able to participate in a wide range of activities, from student clubs and organizations to athletics and recreational and intramural sporting events
    • Earn a degree from the University of Pittsburgh, which is recognized all over the globe 

    For more information or is you have questions - please complete our International Students Information Request form. You can also apply to our campus and enjoy all the benefits of a University of Pittsburgh education.

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    We are located in Bradford, Pennsylvania, a three-hour drive north of the campus in Pittsburgh.



    When you graduate from Pitt-Bradford, you will earn the prestigious University of Pittsburgh degree, which is recognized and respected all over the world.    





    See?  no difference!  We are all part of the University of Pittsburgh System.

    University of Pittsburgh applicants are required to submit an official credential evaluation of all international documents (transcripts, marksheets, certificates, examination results, etc.) from the evaluator, below.


    Josef Silny and Associates. The Office of Admissions and Financial Aid prefers that you use the evaluation services of Josef Silny and Associates (JS&A). If you use JS&A, you can send your records directly to JS&A. Once JS&A has evaluated them, it will send your scanned official records, translations of your records, and evaluation directly to the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid, electronically. Please submit records as specified on the JS&A printable credential evaluation application that is specifically designed for University of Pittsburgh applicants.



     Request this credential evaluation from JS&A. 
    Freshman applicants.Important notes: In the United States, a secondary school transcript covers 4 years, from grades 9-12. If secondary school in your country covers only 3 years, please be sure to also submit the 3rd year of your middle school record.  Rising seniors (presently enrolled in grade 12) should send a transcript for the three years you have completed, including the 3rd year of middle school if applicable. 
    1. A high school course-by- course evaluation and
    2. A grade point average equivalent
    Transfer applicants.Transfer applicants who will have fewer than two years of full-time university work completed by the term they plan to enroll should send a secondary transcript to JS&A (if secondary school in your country is 3 years in length, that is acceptable) for evaluation, as well as their transcripts of all post-secondary work. 
    1. High school document-by-document and
    2. High school grade point average equivalent
    3. University course-by-course evaluation
    4. University grade point average
    Transfer applicants who will have completed two years of full-time university work by the term they plan to enroll at Pitt do not need to send their secondary record to JS&A for evaluation. Do however, send your secondary transcript in the original language and a certified, literal translation of it to Pitt; and send your post-secondary records to JS&A for evaluation. 
    1. University course-by-course evaluation
    2. University grade point average

    Contact JS&A at:

    Josef Silny & Associates, Inc.

    International Education Consultants

    7101 SW 102 Avenue Miami, Fl 33173

    Phone: 305-273-1616

    Fax: 305-273-1338