John Slimick


Mr. John Slimick 
Director of Computer Science and Information Systems Programs, Associate Professor of Computer Science
Division of Physical and Computational Sciences

M.S. Computer Science, Stanford University 1969
B. A. Mathematics, University of Virginia 1961
        Professor Slimick has been teaching at Pitt-Bradford since 1983.  His courses include those across the entire spectrum in computer science, from Introduction to Computer Science through the upper-level courses, such as Survey of Data Communications and the capstone course in computer science. His favorite classes to teach are Data Structures, Software Maintenance, and Social and Ethical Implications of Computing.
        John Slimick's hobby is, of all things, computer science. He compares his appearance to that of Dave Thomas, the founder of the Wendy's restaurant chain. His favorite movies are Living Dangerously, and the 1951 version of A Christmas Carol. He enjoys listening to classical music, especially Brahms, and he likes to read the works of Dante.

What are the benefits, in your opinion, for students studying in a small campus setting rather than on a large/urban campus setting?
Flexibility, safety, and the chance to make friends with other students.

With a word or two, how do you think a student would most likely describe you as a professor?
Laidback, a mumbler, always asking questions

Within your field of teaching and research; what specific directions do you tend to channel your energy and why?
Mostly, I try to cope with all the many changes in hardware and software.

How would you say your field of teaching is incorporated into your life outside of the university and vice-versa?
(It's vice-versa.) My life pretty much is based on my work here.

What is the most rewarding aspect of teaching at Pitt-Bradford?
Working with good students.

What's something you should throw away but can't?
I have about 250 lbs of such things. They would be jealous if I picked out just one.

What kind of movies do you most enjoy?  Why?
Good Japanese anime. I find the plots absorbing and the art work fabulous.

What kind of music do you most enjoy?

What are you currently reading, or what is your favorite book?
On my table is a P. D. James mystery, the potboiler “Four Feathers”, a book on the construction of the modern state of Iraq, a random piece of science fiction, and a book on the history of tea.

Who do you admireWhy?
The Italian poet Dante Aligheri and the German composer Johannes Brahms.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
A brilliant mathematician.