Jason Honeck

Honeck J
Mr. Jason Honeck
Program Director of Athletic Training,
Division of Biological and Health Sciences

M.S. Ed. Education Alfred University 2000
B. S. Athletic Training Alfred University 1998

Outside the classroom, Jason is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys hunting and fishing. A self-described weekend warrior, Jason played basketball and baseball in high school and soccer and football in college.

What do you find rewarding about teaching at Pitt-Bradford? 

I like the close-knit, family atmosphere. I appreciate the fact that I get to know my students on a personal level. I take great joy in watching students respond to my teaching, show interest in the subject matter, and benefit from hands-on experience. 

What is unique about teaching at Pitt-Bradford? 

It's the ideal environment for students. Students can feel comfortable because of the one-on-one attention and the personalized environment they will receive. 

What do students like about your classes? 

Students relate to me and the subject material because of my teaching methods. I like to use audio, visual, and hands-on teaching methods so that students with different learning styles are able to respond the material. 

What do you find challenging about teaching at Pitt-Bradford? 

The size and the resources here make it much easier to respond to the challenges associated with teaching. I have to impart a wide range of information to my students, all of whom are at different academic levels. The small class sizes make it much easier to tailor my lesson plans for students who grasp quickly and easily while making sure students who take longer to pick up the material don’t fall behind. Also, the technology available here makes it easier for all students to learn the material. 

Why would you recommend Pitt-Bradford to a student? 

There are many reasons. A small-town boy myself, I love the friendly, small-town setting that this campus offers along with the natural attractions and outdoor settings available in Bradford. I see Pitt-Bradford as an excellent place to grow academically and personally because you’re not just a number; people know you by name. Pitt-Bradford gives students the opportunity to become a well-rounded student and person.