SIM Statistics


2008-2009 Science In Motion (SIM) Statistics

During the 2008/2009 academic year, Science In Motion brought science labs into the classrooms of the 5 county area we service and served a total of 40,200 students.  We visited 33 different schools with 60 different teachers requesting visits.  We drove 23,260 miles in our service area bringing 2,100 different classes, 224 different labs.

Throughout the year, SIM participated in several area special events as well.  Some of those events include a program for TRIO Talent Search, Seneca Highlands Summer Academy, Warren County Higher Ed. Council Kids College and Diploma programs, Potter County Teen Conference, Senator Joe Scarnati's KidFest, Kinzua Outdoor and Travel Show, GEMS program, Oswayo Valley Earth Day, Otto-Eldred Science Olympiad, Science Days for Floyd C. Fretz 6th and 7th grades, and Bioblitz days in Austin.

In June 2009, SIM held our 4th annual Kids Camp.  This year, we held 2 camps.  The first was for grades 1 through 3 where the students learned about the human body, paper making, plants and cells, UV rays, and made necklaces of their own DNA.

The second camp was for grades 4 through 6 and was a forensics camp.  The students learned the techniques used by forensic scientists to analyze proteins in blood, blood typing, glass breaking, fingerprinting, hair analysis, blood spatter patterns, and DNA profiling.  After the students performed these labs, they got to try out their skills at collecting evidence and using the high-tech equipment available at a mock crime scene set up at the CSI house directed by Dr. Tony Gaskew, one of our experts from Pitt-Bradford's Administration of Justice program.


McKean County: Beacon Light, Bradford Area High School, Chestnut Street Elementary, Floyd C. Fretz Middle School, George G. Blaisdell Elementary, Kane Area High School, Kane Area Middle School, Mt. Jewett Elementary, Otto-Eldred Elementary, Otto-Eldred Junior and Senior High School, Port Allegany Junior and Senior High School, School Street Elementary, Smethport Elementary, Smethport Junior and Senior High School, The Learning Center, area homeschools

Potter County: AEDY, Austin Area Elementary and Middle School, Austin Area High School, Coudersport Area Junior and Senior High School, Dickinson Manor, Galeton Area Junior and Senior High School, Northern Potter Junior and Senior High School, Oswayo Valley Junior and Senior High School, area homeschools  

Warren County: Beaty Middle School, Eisenhower Middle School and High School, Sheffield Middle School and High School, Warren High School, Youngsville Middle School/High School

Cameron County: Cameron County High School 

Elk County: Elk County Catholic, Johnsonburg JSHS, Ridgway Middle School, Ridgway High School