Fisher Hall

You will take your science classes like biologychemistry, physics and engineering in Fisher Hall.

Our science labs are filled with up-to-date scientific equipment, and you'll be able to perform various experiments to supplement your classroom work. You may also get a chance to conduct research with one of your professors, such as Dr. Om Singh, Dr. David Merwine, Dr. Mary Mulcahy or Dr. Lauren Yaich

However, you won't be limited to conducting experiments only in the labs. Many of our science students conduct experiments outside, whether its in or near the Tunungwant Creek, which runs along the south end of campus or the nearby Allegheny National Forest.  

Fisher Hall also features two computer-aided learning centers, known on campus as CALC labs, where you will have access to some of the latest computer technology available.

And, when you walk near the building, look up. You'll see the campus greenhouse, where you can get hands-on experience working with plants.