Federal WS Timesheet Supervisors must submit a completed a timesheet for hourly employees each pay period. There are two types of timesheets at Pitt-Bradford:

  • Federal Work Study: If employees are student workers under the Federal Work Study program they must be paid via a Federal Work Study timesheet.  Federal Work Study timesheets are a Pitt form.  If you need to order Federal Work Study timesheets they can be ordered from the University Stockroom in Pittsburgh – check with your Division secretary or office administrator for details on ordering.


  • Dept Timesheet Small Departmental:  All other hourly employees who are paid on a monthly basis are paid via a Departmental timesheet. Timesheets must be legible, be added correctly, include an account number, and include the signatures of the employee and supervisor.






 Supervisors please review timesheets and requests for supplemental payments to ensure accuracy and completeness.  If you have questions review the Payroll FAQs for more information or contact Jessica Kramer at 814-362-0763 or jds78@pitt.edu