Brian Sansom - Class of '08

Brian Sansom 1
Brian Sansom - Class of 2008

BS in Sport and Recreation Management
Job Title: Facilities Manager

What's next after graduation?

Brian will be working for McGee's Courts 4 Sports as a facilities manager and youth sports program director.  Brian's years of working as the assistant coach of the Pitt-Bradford women's basketball and softball teams will no doubt come in handy as he manages McGee's day-to-day activities and organizes the camps, clinics and tournaments that utilize the Mason, OH facility.

What does Brian hope to do with his degree?

Brian hopes to excel in his new position but would be happy to take on a head coaching position for a college basketball team sometime in the future after completing a master's degree.

What does Brian think about his academic experience at Pitt-Bradford?

Like his classmates, Brian also enjoyed "the people, the atmosphere, and the tightly knit community" of Pitt-Bradford.   "Pitt-Bradford is like a small family, where people look out for each other."