Siobhan France - Class of '08

Siobhan France 1
Siobhan France - Class of 2008

BS in Sports Medicine
Job Title:

What's next after graduation?

Siobhan will be attending graduate school at the University of Pittsburgh in Oakland to study in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. 

What does Siobhan plan on doing with your degree after graduate school?

In the future, she hopes to become a traveling physical therapist either in the United States or internationally and has even thought about working for a sports team.

What does Siobhan think about her academic experience at Pitt-Bradford?

I love the academics here at Pitt-Bradford.  The sports medicine program is very hands on and I know that I am well prepared for grad school because of it.  Along with that, I love the scenery it has to offer and the growing diverse campus.