Tera Schauer - Class of '04

Tera (Wheeler) Schauer - Class of 2004

AS in Nursing
Currently employed by: Lancaster General Hospital
Job Title: Neonatal ICU RN

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What was your favorite class at Pitt-Bradford? And why?

Anatomy and Physiology was surprisingly stimulating. Dr. Baker brought insight from her previous endeavors that gave the class more meaning than it would have otherwise.

Who most influenced you while you were at Pitt-Bradford? Why?

My roommates and my nursing professors were the most influential while I attended Pitt-Bradford.

Holly Ishman (1st Lieutenant US Army, RN, BSN) and I were roommates throughout the entirety of my nursing education and she gave me a run for my money! Although we studied together, hung out together, and laughed and cried together, when it was time to get our grades you would have thought we were gladiators pitted against each other with Hulk Hogan as the commentator! Holly and I came from different backgrounds and have different career goals but that’s what made us great together – we were always striving to do better ourselves where the other already excelled.

Sherri Kwence and Diane Klesiewski, two other great friends that I met through nursing, also had much influence on the nurse I am today. I don’t know what I would do without these great women in my life. They are intelligent, knowledgeable, resourceful, caring, and compassionate nurses who have been there through the thick and thin – thank you UPB for bringing them into my life!

My nursing professors, primarily those who I had clinicals with, set the standard of nursing professionalism from the beginning for me. I think about this often, as professionalism is such a hot topic recently in my profession. They taught me that professionalism is not only about taking pride in your work, being proficient in your job, and mindful of representing your colleagues as you would like to be represented. Professionalism, in nursing, is about living up to what the women so long ago that started our organization were all about. This means that along with treating the patient with medications, wound care, and special diets – all the things that are ordered by the physician – we also are to be emotionally, compassionately, and empathetically there for our patients. Anyone can follow directions written on a piece of paper, but a nurse – a REAL nurse – opens his or her heart to each and every patient. Holding a patient’s hand, giving a hug, or taking the time to listen and maybe even shedding a tear is what sets real nurses apart from the crowd. All of my professors were able to convey all of that some how to me in the two years I spent with them and I will be forever indebted to them for the wisdom and insight they have given me.

What is your fondest memory from your years at Pitt-Bradford?

Going out to eat with the girls at La Herradurra!

What was the most surprising thing you learned about yourself at Pitt-Bradford?

I could live with five other girls and actually enjoy it and maybe even miss it a little.

What advice do you have for prospective students who may be considering Pitt-Bradford?

UPB is a unique place that isn’t right for everyone. That is what makes it so unique. The campus draws types of people that are down to earth and want to enjoy their surroundings throughout their college career. If you do not enjoy fantastic fall foliage, an extra long skiing and sledding season, a close knit campus that gets really creative when it comes to entertainment on the weekends (i.e. Airband) then UPB is not for you.

If you do enjoy the above then I highly recommend applying! I wouldn’t have done it any other way.

What was the best part about attending Pitt-Bradford?

I didn’t ever feel alone. The campus’s community of people naturally draws together and is very supportive. Oh yeah, and did I mention the fantastic fall foliage???