Hashim Yousif

Yousif H
Dr. Hashim Yousif
Director of Physical Sciences Program
Division of Physical and Computational Sciences

Ph. D. University of Arizona
B. S. University of Baghdad

        Dr. Yousif joined the faculty at Pitt-Bradford in 1989.  He has developed and taught a variety of courses in:  physics, mathematics, astronomy, computer sciences, engineering, and general education.
        He enjoys vegetable gardening for his family, listening to classical and Arabic music, and reading the newspaper. He also likes to explore the Internet for interesting material.
       Dr. Yousif has extensively researched the scattering of light as it pertains to physics and has been published extensively for his research on the scattering of light as a diagnostic tool.  He has authored numerous articles on electromagnetic scattering, computing special functions, and quantum statistical mechanics which have appeared in leading journals.  He has received many grants, including several from the Department of Energy. 
       Dr. Yousif has also taught classes in many different scientific and mathematic disciplines at Pitt-Bradford and loves science because “science can provide the answers for many of life’s esoteric questions.”

What is the most rewarding aspect of teaching at Pitt-Bradford? 

Teaching my students to be able to think for themselves. I expect them to be able to comprehend the classroom material rather than simply memorizing information. 

Why do students enjoy your classes? 

Students enjoy my classes because of the personalized attention they receive. I feel that the best way to learn and grow as a student is to interact one-on-one with your professor. If you take a personal interest in students and their studies, you can build a bond that lasts long after they graduate. 

What makes Pitt-Bradford unique? 

It is unique here because students are able to grow and mature on a small campus while having access to the resources of the University of Pittsburgh. 

Why would you recommend Pitt-Bradford to a student? 

I’d recommend Pitt-Bradford because we offer students the chance to learn the same material they would at a large college while receiving personalized attention and interacting directly with experts in their field.