BioDun Ogundayo

Ogundayo B.
Dr. BioDun Ogundayo
Associate Professor of French and Comparative Literature with Tenure
Division of Communication and the Arts

Ph. D. French and Francophone Literature and Cultures State University of New York at Buffalo
M. A. French Queen's University in Canada
M. A. French University of Lagos, Nigeria
B. A. French University of Lagos, Nigeria

        Dr. Ogundayo's research interests include literature of religion and spirituality along with a special interest in translation and black and African spirituality.  He is fluent in Yoruba (his native tongue), French, English and Hausa, and holds written fluency knowledge of Spanish, Italian, and some Ghanaian languages.
        He is also a guest editor for the Journal of African Studies.  He has taught at SUNY Buffalo; the University of Alberta, Canada; Queen’s University, Canada; Ogun State University, Nigeria; and most recently was an assistant professor of French at Whitworth College in Spokane, Washington.
        Dr. Ogundayo enjoys various activities in his spare time, including writing poetry, cooking, and he has a love for photography. He also enjoys his solitude and silence as well and will often go for long drives around the countryside.

What is the most rewarding aspect of teaching at Pitt-Bradford? 

The willingness of the students to listen and be open-minded to what I have to say. 

What do students like most about your classes? 

They like the fact that I invite them to challenge my assertions even when I am the only expert in the class. 

What makes teaching at Pitt-Bradford unique? 

There are several things here that I find unique. There is an opportunity to diversify my curriculum and make it cross disciplinary. And, I appreciate that faculty members enjoy a very supportive environment from their colleagues. 

How would you describe your teaching method? 

My teaching style is very eclectic because teaching can never be an exact science. A good teacher is a leader, listener, and showman and is adaptable to his surroundings. 

Why do you think a student should choose to attend Pitt-Bradford? 

Students should come to Pitt-Bradford for the diverse faculty, supportive collegial environment, the small class sizes, and the mentoring abilities of different professors here on campus.