Here is a list of frequently asked questions with the answers to help you out.

How do I sign up for Freshman Seminar?

You will be assigned to a section of Freshman Seminar that's appropriate for your major. However, if there are openings you may choose a different seminar during the advising sessions at orientation. 

What if I haven’t decided on a major?

Not to worry, Freshman Seminar is a great opportunity for undecided students to explore their options. Campus leaders and professors talk about their programs so you know about many of the academic programs available on campus.   

Do I have to take Freshman Seminar?

All students who have earned fewer than 18 credit hours are required to take Freshman Seminar. Students enrolling in an associate’s degree, pre-engineering, or pre-pharmacy program may be exempt from this requirement.

Is Freshman Seminar more work than other classes?

All classes are formatted differently, but Freshman Seminar is an introductory course.  Developing basic skills for college life is the main goal, but the overall work load is about the same as other classes. 

Who should I contact with any questions pertaining to Freshman Seminar?

 Dr. Mark Kelley at mfk7@pitt.edu

How many credits will I receive for taking Freshman Seminar?

Freshman Seminar is 3 credits.

What Seminars will be offered this coming fall?

Available courses and professors are listed in the schedule of classes under the section FS.

Does Freshman Seminar count towards my degree?

Yes, it is a general education requirement that is needed in order to graduate for your degree, and you earn 3 credits for the class.

Can I wait until spring semester to take Freshman Seminar?

No, currently, Freshman Seminar is only offered during the fall semester.

Can I register for more than one Freshman Seminar?