Campus Dining

Resident Student Meal Plan Options

  • 260 Meals plus $125 Flex Dollars (10 Guest Meals)
  • 260 Meals (10 Guest Meals)
  • 225 Meals plus $150 Flex Dollars (7 Guest Meals)
  • 225 Meals (7 Guest Meals)
  • 195 Meals plus $200 Flex Dollars (5 Guest Meals)
  • 195 Meals (5 Guest Meals)
  • 145 Meals plus $250 Flex Dollars (2 Guest Meals)
  • 145 Meals (2 Guest Meals)

Commuter/Faculty/Staff Meal Plan Options (in addition to the above)

  • 75 Meals plus $100 Flex Dollars
  • 25 Meals plus $75 Flex Dollars
  • 10 Meals plus $100 Flex Dollars

To view rates for all meal plans please visit our Room and Board Rates page.

Your Panther Student ID Card will hold the balances of the DINE, FLEX and SHOP accounts and will be validated by DIning Services at the beginning of each term. 

DINE Account - If you're living on campus, you are required to participate in one of our flexible meal plans.  Meals not consumed in a given semester will not be carried forward to the next semester; they will be forfeited.

FLEX Account  - You can purchase FLEX dollars with a meal plan to be used only for food items in the KOA Dining Hall, Vending Machines, Panther Shop and/or Commons Café.  FLEX dollars not used in a given semester will not be carried forward to the next semester; they will be forfeited.

SHOP Account - This is a debit account available to all students and may be used in the Dining Room, the Commons Cafe, the CALCS, the Panther Shop, in vending machines, and in the campus laundry.  You simply put money on your Panther ID Card.  Applications/instructions for this account are available in the Dining Services Office, the Panther Shop, and the Enrollment Services Office.

Food Committee  - This is your liaison with Dining Services. On a regular basis, Dining Services sponsors theme dinners and specials. Your involvement helps create a more successful event. Please feel free to stop by and talk to our Dining Services director about how you can be part of the planning.

After long weekends and/or holidays, the dining hall will re-open with brunch the day before classes resume. 

Need Something Special? - If you need a special meal or are on a restricted diet, just let our Food Service director know. We will be more than happy to comply with a written doctor's request. Pizza delivery service, campus greetings and student catering brochures are a few of the amenities that we provide to you.

Satisfaction Guaranteed -  Let us know your comments or questions by contacting our office at 814-362-5054 or visit the "Feed Us Your Thoughts" comment board located in the dining hall.

Dining Contacts:

Joseph Zondlo, General Manager
814-362-7582 or

Justin Work, Production Manager/Executive Chef 
814-362-7582 or

Commons Café - 814-362-7580