Goals and Mission


  1. To provide opportunities for undergraduate student learning and faculty research on fossil fuel and renewable energy sources, including undergraduate student research, pilot projects, degree programs and the integration of energy-awareness to the general education curriculum.
  2. To foster partnerships and provide expertise and support to industry projects in renewable energy that are of mutual benefit to commercial operators, investors, governmental agencies and Pitt-Bradford’s undergraduate learning environment.
  3. To enhance the quality of the workforce in traditional energy industries and emerging renewable energy enterprises in conjunction with industrial leaders, government agencies and educational institutions.
  4. To implement appropriate pilot renewable energy options on campus and, in conjunction with industry partners, commercial renewable energy options for the region.
  5. To strengthen relationships with faculty on the Oakland campus in furthering these goals.
  6. To seek public and private financial support and other resources to implement and advance the aims of the Energy Institute.


The Energy Institute catalyzes the integration of various sources of energy-related knowledge and activity from the University of Pittsburgh system and regional industry partners to stimulate undergraduate student learning, faculty research, technical innovation, commercial advancements, workforce and economic development, and campus and community awareness of sustainable uses of energy.   The Energy Institute pursues competitive grant funding, governmental and private support to advance initiatives consistent with this mission.