Hall Events

Resident Assistants provide 3 types of programs each semester:

  • Section programs (for the 30+ students in each section)
  • Campus-Wide (Safe Sex Olympics, Red Cup Olympics, Tunnel of Oppression, Drag Show, etc.)
  • Late Night Programs (weekends)

As we plan for Fall 2014 tell us what programs you would like us to provide.  Email Sierra Hairston (slh120@pitt.edu), Assistant Director of Residence Life, with your suggestions.

Your apartment on campus is your home away from home.  Our resident advisors plan all kinds of events so you can have fun and enjoy your roommates and neighbors.

You can participate in: 

  • cookouts
  • bowling outings
  • pizza parties
  • holiday celebrations
  • volleyball games
  • bonfires
  • pool parties
  • ice cream socials
  • board games
  • video game tournaments
  • diversity dinners

Our resident advisors also plan educational programming to help you learn beyond the classroom. In those sessions, you can learn more about: 

  • academics
  • career exploration
  • health and wellness 
  • alcohol awareness
  • safety issues

These are just some of the programs that take place on campus; resident advisors are always developing new and exciting events for you to enjoy! If you have an idea for a program or event, contact your resident advisor.

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