Leadership Donor and Founders' Society

  • The annual Leadership Donor and Founders Society Reception was held on December 11, 2015, in the Mukaiyama University Room in the Frame-Westerberg Commons. Below are some pictures from the event. If you have any questions about the Leadership Donor and Founders’ Society Reception, please contact Joelle Warner at 814-362-5091 or email at jaw104@pitt.edu

    Advisory Board Chair Craig A Hartburg '73-'75 and President Livingston Alexander pictured with students from the Blue and Gold Society

    William R. and Carol L. Huber with Maria and James Williams and Rev. Leo J. Gallina Jr.

    Hilton L. "Woody" and Patricia A. Woodruff and Madeline B. Miles

    Caleb and Alyssa M. McClelland '11


    Preston and Lois Abbey 


    LDR pic6

    Pat Pascerella with Elmer F. DeLucia


    Timothy J. Asinger with James J. '85 and Sandra J. '80-'82 Macfarlane and Raymond R. Geary