General Education Requirements

All students matriculating at Pitt-Bradford must satisfy the General Education Program requirements before they graduate. It is important that in addition to the depth and breadth of knowledge acquired in a student's major discipline of study, every student must have an appreciation and understanding of the many other fields of study that affect our understanding of the human experience. The college's General Education Program is designed to provide that appreciation and understanding, as well as the foundation skills essential for academic success and lifelong learning.

The following is an outline of Pitt-Bradford's General Education Program. Courses fulfilling requirements for the General Education Program will have, at the end of their course description, a GE designation (e.g., GE: Arts).

Competencies (A minimum grade of C- is required in courses taken to satisfy competency requirements.)

Written Literacy     
ENG 0101 English Composition I  3 credits 
ENG 0102 English Composition II  3 credits 
Mathematics    3 credits  
MATH 0098 College Algebra II or designated higher-level math course (GE: Mathematics).

Freshman Seminar       
FS 0102 Freshman Seminar  3 credits 
Effective Fall 2006, all students matriculating at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford with fewer than 18 hours of college credit are required to enroll in Freshman Seminar during their first semester. Students enrolling in associate-degree, pre-engineering, or pre-pharmacy programs are exempt from this requirement.

The Human Experience      
Note: The human experience curriculum must include at least one course designated as Non-Western

Arts and Letters    9 credits  
Literature (GE: Literature)   
Creative, Fine, and Performing Arts (GE: Arts) 
Foreign Languages (GE: Language)  
Must include at least one course in literature, and at least one course in the creative, fine, and performing arts.

Behavioral, Economic, and Political Sciences   9 credits  
Behavioral Sciences (GE: Behavioral Sciences) 
Economics (GE: Economics)  
Political Science (GE: Political Science)  
Courses must be selected from at least two different categories (the categories are behavioral science, economics, and political science).

History, Culture, and Philosophical Inquiry  9 credits  
History (GE: History)
Cultures (GE: Cultures)
Philosophical Inquiry (GE: Philosophy)
At least one history course is required and at least one course from either of the other two categories (Culture or Philosophical Inquiry)

Physical, Life, and Computational Sciences  10 credits  
Physical Sciences (GE: Physical Sciences) 
Life Sciences (GE: Life Sciences)  
Computational Sciences (GE: Computational Sciences)
Must include one course each in physical sciences and life sciences, one of which must have a laboratory.

Physical Education    1 credits  
One course in Physical Education (GE: Physical Education).