Bradford Faculty Senate

 Ulin Donald  Kropf Matt

Hanold Kim

 Dr. Donald Ulin 
President  -  2014-2016

Dr. Matt Kropf
Vice President -  2014-2016

Ms. Kimberly Bailey
Secretary  -  2014-2016

Senate Standing Committees 

Committees 2014-15



Academic Integrity Board (AIB) Dr. Helene Lawson
Academic Technology Committee (ATC)
ATC Minutes
Dr. Ken Wang
Educational Policies Committee (EPC)
EPC Minutes
Dr. Mathew Kropf
Faculty Development Committee (FDC) Dr. Nancy McCabe
Faculty Welfare (FW) Dr. Om Singh
Health & Safety (H&S) Dr. James Salvo
Promotion & Renewal  (P&R) Ms. Brieanne Sequin
Senate Council 
Council & Full Senate Minutes
Dr. Donald Ulin
Student Affairs (SA)
SA Minutes
Anna Lemnitzer
Tenure (T) Dr. David Soriano
Pitt-Oakland Representatives
  • Dr. Tony Gaskew - UPBC Representative: Regional Senate President
    (or faculty designee jointly appointed by Regional Senate President and the Chancellor)  
  • Mr. Jeffrey Gutterman  -  University Faculty Assembly
     (Univ. Senate Council 2nd & 3rd yr.)
     Approx. 8 meetings-2700 Posvar Hall (Pittsburgh) at 3:00 p.m. Tuesdays  

Senate Constitution and By-Laws

Annual Reports