Panah, Assad

Panah Assad
Dr. Assad Panah
Director of Petroleum Technology and Geology and Environmental Science Programs, Professor of Geology
Division of Physical and Computational Sciences
Contact Information:
103E Fisher Hall

Degrees and Credentials:
Ph.D. Geology, University of Oklahoma 1966
M.A. Geology, University of Texas 1964
M.S. Geology, University of Tehran 1962
B.S. Natural Sciences, University of Tehran 1958

Academic Focus:
Dr. Panah is a Professor Geology and Environmental Science, and Director of the Department of Petroleum Technology at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. He developed and launched a new curriculum for Petroleum Technology program in 2007. He has taught two innovative Pitt-Bradford Senior Colloquium courses entitled: "Living Dangerously," and “Globalization,” which covered controversial global and environmental issues and environmental problem solving techniques.

He developed and taught NASA K-12 Teacher Enhancement program, under a six year grant from the Mission To Planet Earth, and NASA Earth Science Enterprise (1997-2002)

Dr. Panah developed and taught several new courses in the field of Geographic Information System (GIS), Introduction to Petroleum Industry, Environment and Safety, Petroleum Geology, Reservoir Structural Analyses, Introduction to Petroleum Industry, Geophysical Prospecting, Petroleum Environment and Safety, Physical Geology, Geology of Marcellus Shale, Hydraulic Fracking, Geology of Utica Shale, Environmental Geology, Introduction to Environmental Science, Tectonics, Mineralogy,  optical mineralogy, Petrology, Field Geology, Renewable energy, and Engineering Geology.

Short Bio:

Dr. Panah has been named twice a Fulbright Scholar, and he is the recipient of three NASA Earth Science Enterprise grants for period of six years. Dr. Panah was an invited Regional Leader for a NSF Undergraduate Faculty Enhancement (UFE) Program (2000-2005) where he was one of 15 leaders nationwide. He is recipient of three (3) NASA grants for period of seven (7) years and a current recipient of grant from Chevron.

Dr. Panah is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and a Fellow of the Geological Society of America (GSA), and a Senior Member of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists. He is Board member of the National Association of Academies of Science (NAAS), 2002-present, North Central Region Mathematics/Science Education Collaborative of Pennsylvania; Board member and Webmaster of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science; and member of the University of Pittsburgh Research Council (URC) (1989-2003).

Dr. Panah served as President of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science for 1998-2000, President of the NAAS 2003-2004, and currently serving as President of NAAS/AJAS and President of the Board, for the second time 2013-2015. Panah is recipient of Distinguished Service Award for his contributions to the mission and goals of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science (2000), and the National Association of Academies of Science (2004).

Research, Accomplishments, and Publications:
Dr. Panah has published 65 articles in the fields of Geology, Shale Gas Plays, Shale Gas Technology, Sedimentary Basin Analyses, Tectonic Setting of Oil and Gas Reservoirs in Zagros Basin, Sedimentary Petrology, Environmental Science, Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems, Telemetry using GPS in Wildlife Diseases Field Investigation, Rock Mechanics and Renewable Energy. He is co-editor (and co-author of chapters) of five books by the Pennsylvania Academy of Science entitled: The Oceans: Physical Chemical Dynamics and Human Impact (1994), Renewable Energy: Trends and Prospects (2002), Science, Technology and National Security (2002), Wildlife Diseases - landscape epidemiology and spatial distribution of wildlife diseases using remote sensing, geographic Information Systems and GPS (2005), and Pandemic Influenza Viruses: Science, Surveillance and Public Health, Editor of Surveillance and Tracking Technology section of the book, 2011.