Enlisted? Become an Officer

  • Army ROTC offers several different scholarship and non-scholarship opportunities for enlisted personnel if you think you might want to become a second lieutenant during your college career. Whether you’re currently enlisted and serving on active duty or a member of the National Guard or Reserve, there are plenty of options for you.

    Simultaneous Membership Program   

    This is a volunteer officer training program to help enlisted members of the National Guard and Reserves obtain a commission as a second lieutenant while still serving with their unit. An SMP ROTC Cadet conducts regular drills with his or her unit and also is a member of the ROTC program. Being a member of both the National Guard or Reserves and ROTC has a great set of benefits that any SMP soldier is eligible for.

    Benefits for SMP soldiers:

    • E-5 pay for drill weeks, and annual training
    • Non-deployable status while an SMP ROTC Cadet
    • Hands-on leadership and management experience with an actual Army unit.
    • $350-$500 monthly stipend just like scholarship ROTC members
    • A $600 per-semester stipend to help cover books and classroom materials just like scholarship ROTC members
    • Possibility of keeping your GI Bill® benefits
    • A GI Bill® kicker
    • Opportunity to win a Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty scholarship
    • Can serve on active duty or in the National Guard or Reserves after Graduation
    • Can be selected for Airborne, Air Assault, and other specialty Army schools

    If you are interested in this program and other opportunities for enlisted Reserve and National Guard soldiers complete the information request form.  

    Green to Gold  

    This program is designed for Active Duty soldiers who have demonstrated the talents and leadership skills necessary to become an Army Officer. Green to Gold allows these soldiers the opportunity to leave active duty in order to pursue both a bachelor’s degree and a commission in the Army as a second lieutenant. Green to Gold soldiers can qualify for four-, three- and two-year scholarships with the same benefits as a cadet. Green to Gold soldiers may also qualify to keep their GI Bill® benefits and still receive their current pay and allowances, along with their normal PCS entitlements.

    Each Green to Gold soldier will qualify for different entitlements based on their specific choices. An ROTC officer is willing to discuss your future in the Army, your goals and your options with you.