Early Level Education Pre K-4 - BS

  • “Small classes allowed me to speak with my professors and really get to know the people in my major.”

    Rubie Nelson of Shrewsbury, PA, 2017 graduate with a bachelor’s degree in early level education

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    Program Contact: Dr. Donna Dombek

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    Were you the kid who always wanted to play school? You'd pretend to be the teacher while your friends were your students? You're not alone. You're one of the reasons we offer an elementary education major.

    In our elementary education program, you'll observe classrooms. You'll study learning styles. You'll learn how to manage a classroom. You'll host elementary schoolchildren at events on campus. You'll explore the needs of exceptional children. And, before you graduate, you'll student teach. Yes, you'll be the teacher.

    Then, with your degree in elementary education and your teaching certificate, you'll be ready to be an elementary school teacher. Only this time, it will be for real.

    See what you can do with a major in Early Level Education. Suggested 4-year plan of study.


    Course Requirements in the Major

    Total Credits for Major: 127-129



    You need to formally apply to be admitted to the teacher certification program after you complete 48 credits.

    Requirements for admission include successfully passing the appropriate basic skills assessments, maintaining a 3.0 overall GPA and receiving no lower than a C- in any course required in the major.  Three letters of recommendation as well as a Career Goals Statement are part of the application process. Admission to the program does not guarantee certification but the program is designed to help teacher candidates meet the Pennsylvania Department of Education teacher certification requirements. 

    For more information about admission requirements, please see the Teacher Education website

    Armstrong Donna

    Dr. Donna Dombek


    Director of Education Program, Associate Professor and Coordinator of Early Level Education


    151 Swarts Hall

    Brinda Wayne

    Dr. Wayne Brinda


    Associate Professor of Education and Coordinator of Secondary Education


    150 Swarts Hall

    Chitiyo, Jonathan

    Dr. Jonathan Chitiyo


    Assistant Professor of Special Education


    149 Swarts Hall

    These are just some of the positions our recent graduates have.

    • Teacher at Brockway Area School District, Brockway, PA
    • Elementary librarian at Otto-Eldred School District Eldred, PA
    • Fifth-grade teacher at Charles E. Boger Elementary, Concord, NC
    • Fourth grade teacher at Smith Station School District in Fredericksburg, VA
    • Teacher in the Allegheny Valley School District
    • Kindergarten and first grade teacher at the Bradford Area Christian Academy 
    • Pre-K teacher for CenClear Services in St. Marys, PA
    • Kindergarten teacher in Somerset School District, Somerset, PA
    • First-grade teacher at George G. Blaisdell Elementary School
    • Fourth-grade teacher at Smethport Elementary School in Smethport, PA
    • Pre-K teacher at Charlotte DeHart Elementary School in Winchester, VA 
    • Second-grade teacher at Charlotte DeHart Elementary School in Winchester
    • First-grade teacher at R. Homer Andrews Elementary School in Burlington, NC
    • Third- and fourth-grade teacher at The Learning Center in Bradford
    • First grade teacher at the Discovery School in Glendale, AZ