Don't Cancel That Class

  • Between class preparation, student advising, research, conferences and family emergencies, missing class may sometimes be unavoidable.  When these situations arise, the ACTC’s “Don’t Cancel That Class” program provides you with a series of academic focused presentation options designed to challenge, inform and engage your students while you’re away.

    Here’s how it works:  I will meet with your class, take attendance, present a topic of your choice from our menu and evaluate the workshop.  Afterward, I will provide you with a copy of the attendance record and any handouts utilized for the presentation. 

    The “Don’t Cancel That Class” program is designed with today’s student in mind.  Presented in an interactive format, these programs utilize technology and group work to assist in student learning and participation.

    This, is in no way a replacement for your field expertise – it is simply a way for students to engage in softer-skill development and learn about campus resources available to them.

    Presentation topics include:  Emotional Intelligence, Customer Service and Professionalism, Learning Styles and Metacognition, SQ3R Method for Reading Texts, Test and Study Skills, Time Management, Self-Awareness and Self-Management, Positive Communication Styles and Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals.

    To access this service:

    • Complete the WORKSHOP REQUEST FORM in its entirety and submit.
    • A minimum of 3 days’ advance notice is required; less than 3 days’ notice requests will be accepted but may not be fulfilled.  For classes after 5:00 pm, please provide a minimum of 7 days advance notice.  I am currently unavailable to cover weekend classes.
    • All workshops are approximately 50 minutes in length and are adaptable to any student classification.