University of Pittsburgh Bradford
CSI House

You'll solve mock crime scenes just like the pros in our CSI House, which has some of the most advanced criminal forensics equipment in the country. Equipped with close circuit audio and video cameras, professors can monitor the entire training facility, providing live feedback as you process a variety of crime scenes, designed to challenge the most advanced criminal investigator. The CSI House will give you hands-on opportunity to learn how to:

  • Secure, process and manage a variety of criminal investigations, including burglaries, robberies, sexual assaults, drug trafficking and homicides
  • Determine probable cause at a crime scene
  • Write and obtain search warrants
  • Locate and lift latent fingerprints
  • Learn forensic photography
  • Document evidence and apply the chain of custody
  • Compare hair and fiber samples
  • Cast tire and footprint impressions
  • Write police investigative reports and learn interviewing techniques

Watch a night-time exercise in the CSI House and Professor Gaskew explain more about the criminal justice program.