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Conduct and Disciplinary Codes


To assure that student-athletes conduct themselves in a manner that reflects positively the values of the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, the following sanctions may be imposed when violations of appropriate conduct occur.

Student-athletes may not intentionally strike or physically abuse an official, opposing team player, and/or opposing fan.

Student-athletes must refrain from misconduct while traveling, especially in areas such as use of alcohol, illegal drugs, theft or vandalism of anther's property, including motels.

General misconduct.

Violations of the University’s Code of Conduct as detailed in the current Student Handbook.

The severity of the sanctions imposed is left to the discretion of the Director of Athletics, in conjunction with the team’s coach. The listed guidelines are not all-inclusive and, therefore, do not limit the Athletic Department to only reprimand against listed violations. Sanctions may result in any of the following:

1. Written reprimand - formal notification of misconduct

2. Game(s) suspension

3. Suspension from the team for specified time period

Expulsion from the team for remainder of the academic year

Notification to the university which may result in further formal sanction and/or expulsion


Athletic Disciplinary Codes

Purpose: To establish a code of conduct that is an extension of institutional philosophies of the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. While recognizing the fact that the student commitment to intercollegiate sports is extraordinary, participation in an athletic program does not place the participant above the fundamental governance by which all students are judged.

Administration: Coaches are members of the college staff and are, therefore, responsible for supporting and enforcing the policies of the college. Redress over established policies is handled only through departmental channels.


Code of Conduct Incidents that violate either the athletic department’s or the University’s code of conduct.

Department-Wide Infractions occurring during the course of participation in an athletic department function.

College-Wide Infractions occurring on campus.

External Infractions occurring off campus.


1. Minor Infractions that are both momentary and without

harm or injury to persons or property. 2. Major Infractions that are premeditated, on-going, and/or resulting in harm or injury to persons or property. Drug and alcohol related infractions will be handled separately by the Athletic Director. Sanctions: Step 1 Verbal/written warning (minor infraction only)

Step 2 Three (3) day suspension from all team activities (third minor, first

major*) Step 3 Ten (10) day suspension from all team activities

Step 4 One (1) year suspension from all team activities