When you graduate

  • On our campus, you’ll earn a degree from the University of Pittsburgh. That prestigious degree will help you get a good job, just like it did for these young alumni.

      Penny Amacher Penny Amacher – 2014 graduate in English Education 7-12

    English Teacher
    Port Allegany High School, Port Allegany, PA 

    “I developed a strong working relationship with many professors. Their influences and guidance were essential to my success.”

    Brittany Barnes – 2010 graduate in chemistryand business management 

    American Refining Group, Bradford, PA

    In the classroom, I was introduced to the principles of operation of many different types of instrumentation.  I then gained hands on experience in the lab that I now utilize in the workplace.  The smaller class size made me feel comfortable asking questions and provided more time for me to individually use the equipment, which helped me develop a more in-depth level of understanding.  I am constantly building on the education that I received at

       Brittany Barnes
       Brown, Tiara Tiara Brown- 2013 graduate in sport and recreation management

    Platoon Leader
    U.S. Army 

    “The best part about attending Pitt-Bradford was the support that the faculty always showed the students every step of the way”

    Julie Mapes Cochran – 2010 graduate in computer information systems and technology

    System Administrator
    McKean County Courthouse in Smethport, PA

    “The curriculum that I took prepared me for everyday situations I deal with here at work. Hands-on training was the best for me. The networking and security classes I took were a big plus.”

        Julie Mapes-Cochran
       Maria Costanza Maria Costanza – 2012 graduate in public relations

    Communications Representative
    University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

    “There's no place in the country that could have given me what I got at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford”

    Sherry Dunmire - 2011 graduate in environmental studies

    Resource Conservationist
    McKean County Conservation District

    “ Each and every course I took was beneficial in preparing me for my career. The study habits I was encouraged to develop by my professors helped me adapt quickly to my position and learn new information in a quick and timely manner. My overall experience at Pitt-Bradford was incredible; the professors provided a positive learning environment and encouraged participation and vocalization of ideas and opinions which make a student feel like their thoughts matter and are important to the overall class discussion and experience.”

      Sherry Dunmire
       Ridge Foster

    Ridge Foster2013 graduate in Computer Information Information Systems and Technology

    In the two-year multi-rotational program

    Bio-pharma company AbbVie in Chicago, IL

    “The CIST curriculum and its professors expose you to a broad array of subjects, providing diverse experiences as well as skill sets. Along the way, personal development is emphasized, bringing about a complete education.”.”

     Breann Lyons - 2012 graduate in  accounting and business management

    Staff Accountant
    Zippo Manufacturing Co., Bradford, PA

    “A great part about attending Pitt-Bradford is the small class size. You are able to have closer relationships with professors. There are also many opportunities offered at Pitt-Bradford, such as internships, student organizations, and student activities.”

      Breann Lyons
      Kathleen Melvin

    Kathleen Melvin - 2008 graduate in public relations

    Assistant Director of Admissions
    Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

    “Pitt-Bradford prepared me for my career in many ways. I was lucky to have
    such amazing professors who combined real-life scenarios into projects and assignments. My experience at Pitt-Bradford was unforgettable and rewarding thanks to the wonderful family of professors and students there.”

    Shea Miller - 2012 graduate in elementary education

    Fifth-Grade Teacher
    St. Bernard Elementary/Middle School, Bradford, PA

    “Pitt-Bradford is an excellent university where professors get to know you and want you to succeed. Pitt-Bradford prepared me for my career by giving me the skills and training I needed to be a successful teacher. Pitt-Bradford also helped me when I was preparing to apply for career opportunities. I learned how to write an excellent resume and how to make myself stand out from other prospective employees.”

      Shea Miller
       Wes Milliron

    Wes Milliron – 2013 graduate in computer information systems and technology

    Systems Administrator

    Helomics, a cancer diagnostics company in Pittsburgh, PA

    “There were about 380 applicants for the position I got. The fact that I got it says something special about the CIST program at Pitt-Bradford.”

    Dave Monroe - 2010 graduate in nursing

    Acute/Ambulatory CCU Nurse
    Bradford Regional Medical Center

    “I had an excellent educational experience and the opportunity to learn from many first-class professors.”

      Dave Monroe
      Lyndon Orinion  Lyndon Orinion – 2011 graduate in computer information systems and technology

    Duty First Consulting in Washington, D.C.

    “The CIST program gave me an overall understanding of the information technology field. I gained the knowledge and flexibility to find my own path in the IT field. I’m still at the beginning of this path, but I’m confident that I will be successful in my future endeavors.”

    Jenna Prechtl - 2011 graduate in chemistry

    Product Safety Coordinator
    American Refining Group, Bradford, PA

    The best part about Pitt-Bradford is the family-like atmosphere. At Pitt-Bradford you make tons of friends. Unlike other big universities, you have the opportunity to meet more people. Sounds contradictory, but it’s true.”

      Jenna Prechtl
       Ryan Race

    Ryan Race - 2007 graduate in business management

    Assistant Manager
    Northwest Savings Bank, Bradford, PA

    “The best part about attending Pitt-Bradford is the campus community. Being from Bradford, I wasn’t sure what to expect while being on campus, but I can say it was simply awesome. I had a very good group of friends and my experiences on and off the basketball court, as well as in and out of class, were all great. I developed some of the best friends of my life and still keep in touch with many of the faculty members.”

    Dan Robinson - 2014 graduate in broadcast communications

    Marketing representative
    WESB-AM/WBRR-FM, Bradford, PA

    Pitt-Bradford gave me the education and real-world hands-on experience to succeed in the field that I am in now.”

      Dan Robinson
    Tim Rooke Tim Rooke - 2011 graduate in criminal justice

    State Trooper
    Pennsylvania State Police, Erie PA

    “I attended an excellent university that still had the hometown feel I grew up with. I was able to learn valuable lessons both in the classroom and outside the classroom that allowed me to not only gain a better understanding of my chosen profession but also to become a better person.”

    Lindsay Sherman - 2012 graduate in elementary education 

    Sixth grade teacher
    Floyd C. Fretz Middle School, Bradford, PA

    Pitt Bradford is a nice, small environment that creates a great atmosphere for the students. If you come to Pitt Bradford to visit, you will feel like you are already apart of the college community on campus. The best part about attending Pitt Bradford was the education and knowledge the professors provided. My professors knew me by name instead of just a familiar face in the crowd.”

      Lindsay Sherman
      Taylor, Tom

    Tom Taylor – 2012  graduate in business management  

    Credit Analyst
    Zippo Manufacturing Co., Bradford, PA


    “Don't judge Pitt-Bradford by its size. Once you get here, you will realize that the size if just right, and it will open up a lot of opportunities for you. Pitt-Bradford gave me the knowledge and resources to help me succeed. The professors were great, and they put me in real-life situations in class to help prepare me for the real world.”

    Liz Tillman - 2013 graduate in  human relations

    Graduate Student
    University of Buffalo

    “The best part about attending Pitt-Bradford was becoming part of the family. When I go back to visit I know I can walk into anyone’s office, and they’ll still know me.”

      Liz Tillman
      Steve Trumbull Steve Trumbull – 2013 graduate in  Computer Information Systems and Technology

    NexGen Technologies in Colorado

    “The CIST program helped me the most by teaching me a wide variety of technologies. Even though I am technically a Java developer, I have to use many other skills that I learned during my coursework at Pitt-Bradford.”