Writing - BA

Program Contact: Dr. Nancy G. McCabe

Do you like to write? Do you think you might like to do it for a living? Then this major may be just the write one (OK, we couldn't resist) for you. 

As a writing major, you’ll learn about many different kinds of writing: fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, journalism. And, you’ll get lots of chances to write. (Which will make you a better writer.) Submit your writing and you may get published in our literary magazine, Baily's Beads, which has been recognized several times by the prestigious Columbia (University) Scholastic Press Association as one of the best college literary magazines in the United States.

Or, you can work on our award-winning newspaper,The Source, or our award-winning literary magazine, Baily's Beads

You’ll also get to rub elbows with professional writers. People like leading short story writer George Saunders, Pulitzer-prize finalist Lee Martin, and bestselling novelist Sena Jeter Naslund. And, you'll have an opportunity to help local schoolchildren become better writers and readers.

When you graduate, you’ll have many kinds of jobs to choose from because employers are always looking for people who write well. Our graduates work as technical writers, writing teachers, newspaper reporters and editors, songwriters and freelance writers. Others have published articles and books. Or, you can take what you have learned and go to graduate school.

What you can do with a degree in Writing . Suggested 4-year plan of study.


Course Requirements in the Major:

Take four courses from the following list:

Requirements in Literature: One course from each of the following groupings, including at least one course at the 1300 level or above

Survey Courses
Select One Course

20th-Century Courses 
Select One Course

Genre CoursesSelect One Course

Other Required Courses

  • Foreign Language at least through Intermediate I
  • One Arts and Letters General Education course in Theatre, Music, or Visual Art 3

Creative Writing Track Requirements:

Select three of the following courses, two at the 1300 level or above

Professional Writing Concentration Requirements:


Select three of the following courses, two at the 1300 level or above

Note:  Students in either track are strongly encouraged to pursue a writing internship.

Total Credits for Major: 39

Additional Information:




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