• Program Designation:   Minor

    Program Contact: Dr. Carys Evans-Corrales

    Spanish speakers are fast becoming the largest minority in the United States. You will find that the knowledge you will gain from our Spanish minor will be vastly useful to many majors, including business management, criminal justice, the health care professions, and education.

    If you're interested in our English or writing majors or our comparative literature minor, you will be enriched by the introduction to a wealth of exciting literature in Spanish that our Spanish minor provides.

    Whether your interest in this vibrant language is literary, cultural, or merely practical, a minor in Spanish will open doors of all kinds in today’s workplace.

    Program Requirements:

    Complete one of the following:

    Complete one of the following:


    Total Credits for Minor: 18

    Additional Information:

    To enter the minor, you need to have have already completed or established competency in Elementary Spanish I and II. You need either to complete or establish competency in Intermediate Spanish I and II, take at least two courses from Group II, and take at least one in Group III. At least one course from Group II must be completed before proceeding to Group III.