Program Contact: Yaich, Lauren

Would you like to be a chiropractor? Help people who have aches and pains feel better?

If so, you will need to earn a doctor of chiropractic degree. But first, you will need to take a number of courses on our campus before you apply to a chiropractic college. The number of courses you will need to take here will depend on the chiropractic school you eventually apply to. And, while you’re on our campus, we will help arrange an internship with a local chiropractor to give you that “extra edge.”

Most students on our campus earn a bachelor’s degree in biology before they apply to a chiropractic college. Since each chiropractic school may have other specific requirements, we suggest you check with the school of your choice before you finish your bachelor’s degree.

What you ca do with a degree in  Pre-Chiropractic .

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