Mathematics Modeling

  • Program Designation:   Minor

    Program Contact: Dr. Chen

    Our Mathematics Program is a teaching-focused undergraduate program. We currently have four full-time and one part-time faculty who teach and do research in several mathematical fields. We offer Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics, Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics with concentration in Actuarial Science, and Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics with concentration in Physics, as well as Mathematics minor. Our curriculum is designed to prepare students for careers in mathematical sciences, education, and other careers requiring strong mathematical skills, while engaging students in creative projects which culminate in capstone theses. We also offer courses for the non-math majors that satisfy the core or General Education requirements, and provide interest and basic problem-solving skills. All our faculty members care about our students professionally and are genuinely student-oriented.

    As part of our outreach effort to the community, we sponsor jointly with Jamestown Community College an annual math competition for local high school students. This gives students from high schools in the region a chance to interact with students with similar interest. 

    Program Requirements:

    Total Credits for Minor:  20-22

    Additional Information: