Criminal Justice - BA

Program Contact: Tony Gaskew, Ph.D.

Our program is designed to give you a broadly based understanding of the diverse nature of crime and justice and its relationship with society, with an emphasis on the components of policing, courts and corrections. The program will provide you with more than 30 specialized criminal justices courses to select from, including Terrorism in a Post 9/11 World; Substance Abuse and Treatment; Islam and Social Justice; Drugs, Crime and Social Policy; Law Enforcement Operations; and Organized Crime in America.

You will be taught by professors who not only have PhDs, but also have more than 40 years of combined professional experience in criminal investigations, adult probation, corrections, substance abuse counseling and juvenile delinquency. You'll learn to work as a team, gaining hands-on experience using some of the most technologically advanced criminal forensic equipment in the country with our Crime Scene Investigation House and Lab. You'll take part in an internship within local, state, and federal criminal agencies nationwide to gain real-world experience; be provided with research opportunities to expand your leadership skills; and complete a capstone course project to bring it all together.

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Criminal justice major Nicki Kellogg presented a program on campus about human trafficking.

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Watch a night-time exercise in the CSI House and Professor Gaskew explain more about the criminal justice program.

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 Dr. Tony Gaskew, associate professor, has written a book about how law officers can understand the Muslim community better in a post-9/11 world and is taking part in a two-year FBI research project to create a database to help law enforcement handle hostage situations.

What you can do with a degree in Criminal Justice. Suggested 4-year plan of study.

Course Requirements in the Major

Other Required Courses

    Select Three Courses

*An earned minimum grade of C- is required in these courses.

Total Credits for the Major: 48

Area Requirements in Criminal Justice
Students must take six additional courses (18 credits), including at least two from each of the three areas of study in criminal justice. At least three of the courses must be at the 1300/1400 level.

Law Enforcement  


 Courts, Policy, and Justice


Additional Information:


Gaskew Tony


Director, Criminal Justice Program and Associate Professor of Criminal Justice


233B Swarts Hall

Brougham, Patricia


Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice


233C Swarts Hall