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Broadcast Communications - BA

Program Contact: Mr. Jeffrey C. Guterman  - Division Chair, Director of Broadcast Communications Program, Associate Professor of Communications

Did you ever use a hairbrush as a microphone and pretend to be a radio DJ or TV personality? Well, our broadcast communications major can help you get there for real. And you’ll use a real mic. 

You’ll use our all-digital television studio and our two digital radio facilities. You’ll work on our latest video production gear. Our advanced video and audio editing systems. Our fully equipped audio production booth. The kinds of facilities you’ll use when you land your first job. Actually, our facilities may be even better than what you’ll be using when you graduate.   

Once you have a broadcast communications degree, you’ll be able to go a lot of places and do a lot of things. Work in radio or television production. Be an on-air personality. Work in advertising or sales. Or, go to graduate school. You my even end up receiving an Emmy, just like Christine Wolski, a 1991 graduate, did.   

Read about a community project our students worked on, or you can watch a video on You Tube, that students put together for Martin Luther King Day on our campus. Another project from our students was an informational video on the Bradford area for the Bradford Chamber of Commerce

What you can do with a degree in Broadcast Communications . Suggested 4-year plan of study

Additional Information:

Note: You do not need to complete a minor if:

  • You are a transfer student and have earned a previous degree OR
  • You are a Pitt-Bradford student and have a second major