• Program Designation:   Minor

    Program Contact: Anna Lemnitzer

    Our flexible art minor is designed to complement our diverse selection of professional degrees. We will broaden your educational experience through a studio-based art program. You will grow creatively in both the understanding and execution of fine art works. Our array of courses include traditionally offered two- and three-dimensional art courses such as acrylic painting, watercolor painting, drawing, printmaking, computer graphics and ceramics. We also offer a mural painting course that will give you the rare opportunity to study and help produce a large-scale mural.

    The art minor also includes courses in art history. By coupling art studio experiences with art history studies, your perception of art will be enhanced. And, you will be able to better understand yourself and your role in society as both a producer of art and as an attuned viewer of art. A minor in art will help you discover your unique creative talents and hone your aesthetic understanding of you own culture and also other diverse cultures.

    Program Requirements for the Minor

    Total Credits for Minor: 18

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