• “I love being an accounting major because all of the professors have real-world experience.”

    Isaiah Woodruff, a double major in accounting and business management from Bradford, PA

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    Program Contact: Ernest Kallenbach

    Want to be popular? Really popular? Graduate with a degree in accounting. Accountants are in high demand right now. And starting salaries are high. If that sounds like the career for you, then our accounting major is a perfect fit.

    As an accountant, you'll do more than just track money. You will provide the analysis that will help businesses make financial decisions. And, you won't be stuck in a back room somewhere crunching numbers. Instead, you'll be front and center -- part of a management team.

    As an accounting major, you'll have the chance to intern with a public accounting firm. That will look great on a resume. Once you earn your accounting degree, you'll be on track to get certified and become a CPA. And you'll be prepared to work just about anywhere. A small business or large corporation. For the government such as the FBI, IRS or the DEA. In an accounting firm. Or, you could be a forensic accountant and help detect fraud and money laundering.

    What you can do with a degree in Accounting. Suggested 4-year plan of study


    Additional Information:

    Our graduates are working with businesses to develop strategies, investors to analyze mergers and acquisitions, and with boards of directors, and all types of organizations to measure and communicate financial results.

    Several of our recent graduates have gone into public accounting. However, others have also embarked on careers in managerial accounting and government accounting. A number of graduates have entered corporations as accountants and have migrated into other areas such as management and marketing.


    Kallenbach, Ernest

    Professor Ernest Kallenbach, Jr.

    Assistant Professor of Accounting


    159 Swarts Hall

    These are just some of the positions our recent graduates have.

    • Accountant at Thompson Morgan and Company, Towanda, PA   
    • Staff Accountant at Catalano, Case, Catalano, & Clark-Radzieta CPAs, Clearfield, PA
    • Accountant at Dresser-Rand, Wellsville, PA
    • Internal auditor at United Refining Co. in Warren, PA
    • Cost accountant/BOM coordinator at Whirley Industries Inc., Warren, PA
    • Financial controller for Voith Paper, Waycross, GA 
    • Junior accountant, Excel4Apps, Evans City, PA