Ziaukas, Tim

Ziaukas, Timothy

Mr. Tim Ziaukas
Director of Public Relations Program, Professor of Public Relations
Division of Communication and the Arts

Contact Information:
timz@pitt.edu 814-362-7647
105 Blaisdell Hall

Degrees and Credentials:
M.F.A. Creative Non-Fiction, University of Pittsburgh 1993
M.A. Literature, University of Pittsburgh 1976
B.A. Literature, University of Pittsburgh 1973
A.A. Liberal Arts, Robert Morris University 1971

Academic Focus:
Tim Ziaukas, a professor of public relations (PR), is director of the PR program and teaches courses in PR, journalism, communications and popular culture at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford.

Short Bio:

Teaching at Pitt-Bradford since 1994, Tim believes that public relations is, in many ways, the characteristic profession of our time. "We're really managers of communications. We're story tellers, and every company, product, or service has to tell its story to a variety of groups," he explains. "In Pitt-Bradford's PR program, you learn how to be efficient and ethically-sound story-tellers in the face of budget-conscious clients, a welter of media, and activist consumers. Public relations is an exciting and growing profession."

Tim is a native of Pittsburgh.

Research, Accomplishments, and Publications:
His scholarly work has appeared in the Journal of Public Relations Research, Public Relations Quarterly, Western Pennsylvania History, American Journalism: A Journal of Media History, and KMT: A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt, among other journals.