Marissa Merritt

  • Hometown: St. Marys, PA

    Year: Freshman

    Major/Minor: Double major in Social Studies Education and History/Political Science

    Extracurricular Activities/Leadership Positions : Education Club

    Interests/Fun Facts: Reading, studying, watching movies, talking to my family back home, helping others and keeping in touch with my friends at different colleges.

    Favorite social media platform: My favorite is a tie between Snapchat and Instagram. I believe in the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, so whenever someone posts a picture or a video you can learn a lot about that person and what their interests are. The type of pictures and videos that someone posts or shares tells a lot about who they are and what they like to do instead of just reading their tweets or posts.

    Best thing about being a member of the Social Squad: The best part of Social Squad is everyone who is involved. Coming in as a freshman, I was scared that I would be by myself and I wouldn’t make new friends at college. By joining the Social Squad, I feel like I’ve made five new friends that I can easily work with and have a great time with.

    Reason(s) you love Pitt-Bradford: Coming from a small town with little diversity, I was excited to come to a campus where there are so many different people from so many backgrounds. Whether it’s something as simple as the size of our hometowns or the cultures we come from, Pitt Bradford is home to so many different types of people and I find it so interesting. The professors and students each have a different story to tell, and getting to hear them gets better and better every time I meet someone new on campus. It has easily become one of my favorite things about coming here and I can’t wait to meet many more people in the next few years that I’m here.